About Me

Ejecutivo Europeo educado en Estados Unidos y buen conocedor de mercados internacionales.

Hoy maneja oficina con perfil familiar con actividades propias variadas, algunas relacionadas con gestión, comité ético y financiero en reconocidas ONG´S, y gestión de activos personales y «friends and family». Con secretaria y abogado «in house» personal.

Selectivamente contratado para mandatos, normalmente de cierta complejidad,  de grandes familias, bancos, y grupos multinacionales de distintos sectores. Destaca relación directa en resolución de conflictos y «crisis management» siempre a muy alto nivel de las organizaciones lo que genera gran agilidad y eficacia en las gestiones.

Tufts University Undergraduate with Major in Economics and History. Attended Harvard and Stanford Executive programs (89 and 96). IE/University of Chicago general management master in 2007. Speaker at IE family MBA program.

Worked at Chase (now JP Morgan) starting in September 1986 with an investment banking/credit training program in New York-Madrid. Private asset management 1990/93 in Monaco and Geneva.

Represented stake as minority shareholder and board of directors of Transafrica S.A. a leading worldwide family owned commodities conglomerate. Later sold half of the stake in 1992 to Andre & Cie from Lausanne Switzerland and finally sold remaining half in 1995 to UBS private equity european fund.

In 1993, founded Inter-Atlantic partners together with William Ogden, former CEO of Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago and former CFO of Chase Manhattan Bank NA. Inter-Atlantic was a boutique Investment Bank with three offices: New York broker dealer, Swiss finance operations, and a Madrid branch. Key concept of advising M&A small cap deals (over 30 transactions) and collecting and manage proceeds while investing in US through broker dealer.

Inter-Atlantic was sold to Guggenheim Partners in 2003 in a share swap transaction.
Represented Guggenheim Partners and its private banking subsidiary up until 2009, and remained as an advisor until 2012.

Serves in various boards of quoted and non quoted companies in wide variety of sectors, including engineering, telecom, insurance and banking. Also working as LATAM consultant for leading European bank. Currently manages single family office and serves as a financial advisor since 2007 for Caritas Finance & Ethic committees.

Also advices young student athletes to obtain scholarships in top US universities.


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